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  • Canada AlbertaGrande Prairie

    Pediatric PT position for preschool and school aged children

    Peace Collaborative Services

    If you are looking for a team-oriented peds position on a school-based contract then this is the job for you. This position is on a multi-disciplinary team with other OTs, SLPs, Psychologists, Vision and Hearing consultants. We work the school year /get paid 12 equal payments with all school ...

    Job Start Date:
    30th Aug 2023
    Desired Experience:
    New Graduates Welcome
    Employment Type:
    • Permanent
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  • Rehabilitation of Upper Extremities

    Andrzej Puchta Classical Osteopathy

    This course addresses common injuries of the upper extremities from the perspective of SIMA: Somatic Integration through Manual Application and PFE: Puchta Foundational Exercises. The course examines the underlying somatic dysfunctions that can cause, worsen, or prevent injuries of the upper ...

    Course Start Date:
    1st Apr 2023
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