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Physiobob's Zeitgeist

Welcome to our Zeitgeist page on listing trends. We hope you find this useful when using our website. All of the information below has been collected to help you present the most effective listing copy possible.

Below is a table of useful information that we have gathered about the way people are using our website. As part of our service we hope to provide you with an insight into the types of people searching for jobs, where they are looking, what jobs are being applied for, where applicants are from and how they are searching. In this way we hope you are always provided the most up-to-date information to assist you in creating the best possible copy for your physio job or course listing.

Searches on the homepage

You will notice on the list below that a significant number of people do not use the country filter when searching. The second most popular way to search is using the keyword search by itself i.e. with no country filter at all. This observation suggests that it useful to ensure that both your country name and city name are included in the title and/or main copy of your listing. We are glad to see many more people now using their locations as part of their job title of within the body of their job description and soon we will have a location selector as a filter you can use when adding a new listing.
  Country Name Jobs Searches Course Searches
United Kingdom 1 1
Australia 3 2
  No country filter selected 2 3
Ireland 4 8
United Arab Emirates 5 6
New Zealand 6 9
USA 7 10
Canada 8 5
Singapore 9 7
Hong Kong 10 -
India - 4

Top 10 countries searched for jobs and courses during 2016

Sample Keyword Search Analysis - Jobs Only
Australian Searches  UK Searches  Ireland Searches  UAE Searches
Sydney  belfast  Dublin  physiotherapy
north queensland  Part time Winchester  belfast  dubai
Newcastle  manchester  neurology  physiotherapist
aged care  cheshire  children neurology physio
adelaide stockport  children   
NSW  bristol  CORK   
locum  leicester  Northern ireland   
melbourne  london Galway   
457 sponsor  junior physiotherapist     
Limited registration  junior/ new graduate     
Sunshine coast  junior/newly qualified     
blue mountains  london     
locum  glasgow     
perth  Edinburgh     
Melbourne  scotland     

The above table shows common keyword search terms used when searching for jobs in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the UAE

This has changed a lot over the past 15 years. In the past people search on the job type, such as sports physiotherapy or senior 1 outpatients etc. It used to be a description of the actual job itself. Today we are seeing that the majority of people are searching by the job location and then seeing what might be on offer for them. It indicates that the job market is still somewhat sparse and physiotherapists are perhaps more open to taking on a varied approach to their next job opportunity. Remember that using a keyword is the 3rd most popular way to search this board.

Top 10 Jobs applied for using the online application form (over time)

We note that many people apply for directly via phone and via a companies website link (shown in a listing) and that the application statistics below are limited to those applications and enquiries that have been made using the apply online link on this website. Still overtime it should show what is popular and where.

The figures below show the trend of jobs that are open to more physiotherapists from more background education levels. Because we currently still block online applications from both a registration status AND a years of post graduate experience this means those listings who are more open get more applications.

Years of experience is a major blocker to applications. Our suggestion to employers is to really open it up to as wide a group as you can and then see what applications you get. Even the word of mount from a junior who had applied might fall on the ears of someone more senior who could then seek out your listing too.

Junior positions are always in huge demand and should you have one please use the words 'junior' or 'new graduate' in your job title as this is a frequently used search keyword (especially in the UK). We are seeing more and more UK trained graduates looking farther a field for jobs including the Arab countries, Australia, Canada and more recently the USA. One employer who listed the position for the job in Fiji was overwhelmed by the number of interested international applicants.

You will again note the high number of applications where the country name, and often the city, are included in the job title. This makes it easier to search and find these jobs on the board. The take home message is make your listing easy to find.

  Job Title Application Count Job Country
Physiotherapist (Neuro/Stroke Rehab) 351 Singapore
Physiotherapists 292 Qatar
Sports Physiotherapy 290 Qatar
Senior Orthopaedic Physiotherapist, Dubai, UAE 264 United Arab Emirates
Exciting Career in Singapore. Physiotherapists Required. 251 Singapore
Physiotherapist - Riyadh - Saudi Arabia 217 Saudi Arabia
Physiotherapists United Arab Emirates - Hospital Roles 211 United Arab Emirates
Physiotherapist for London region 210 United Kingdom
Junior Physio London UK 196 United Kingdom
Senior Hospital Physiotherapists - Multiple Positions - Qatar Middle East 196 Qatar
Physiotherapist Dubai 186 United Arab Emirates
Physical Therapist, New York City 182 USA

Top 10 Online Applications

Top 10 Courses applied for online over time

Whilst sports and lumbar spine courses used to lead the way in online applications it is interesting to note that many more countries are being recognised in this list. Any course being run to assist foreign trained physiotherapist to gain employment in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom do exceptionally well.

Also interesting is that many courses prepared in one country who want to take it to another (e.g. Running and Australia course in India) gains huge interest from abroad. Why not try taking your course or program overseas as there is definitely a large interest both from hosting venues and applicants. It might work out to be the best tax effective 'working break' you've been waiting for.

We are also seeing that as time goes by courses in EPA and in Neurology might well be just as popular to our audience as the more traditional manual therapy ones.

  Course Title Applications count Country Name
Lyn Watson Shoulder Physiotherapy Courses 2016 & 2017 200+ Australia
General Education - Deficiency Make Up Program - India 116 India
Introduction to Women's Health Physiotherapy - A 5 Day Intensive Course 110 Australia
Women's Health Physiotherapy - 5 Day Intensive Course  101 Australia
Band 5/ New Graduate/Returning to Practice - course fee £89 75 United Kingdom
Lower Limb Biomechanics Hands-On Workshop 75 United Kingdom
Dynamic Taping 65 United Kingdom
Physiotherapy Headache Webinar 60 Australia
Arsenal Football Club SEMS Conference 2012 - 125 years in elite sports medicine; what challenges lie ahead? 51 United Kingdom
USA credentialing program- IBP (International Bridging Program)-Distance learning course 42 India

Top 10 Course applications over time

Top 10 'Countries of Education' searched when searching our the list of Physio's looking for work

Again you can see in the results below that employers also don't always use the country filter when searching for candidates. This makes it important that the candidates complete there preferred location field in their online profiles. This will ensure they are found more easily when the keyword search, and not the country filter, is being used. It's very interesting how many times those educated in India are being searched on our list. This does match some of the job application data in countries that are more than happy to accept candidates from this education background. Great news for the mobile job market. 

  Country name Position
United Kingdom 1
Australia 2
  No filter selected 3
India 4
Ireland 5
Canada 6
New Zealand 7
United States 8
England 9
South Africa 10

Top 10 'Country of Education' during 2016



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