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Why your recruitment company can benefit from an annual package on


Over 5 Million unique views of the listings on our website since launch with an average of almost 200 unique views per listing


Over 100,000 applications via the website with perhaps many more via the phone number and direct website links.


We currently receive over 60,000 visits a month (Dec 2018).


We are the number one global physiotherapy jobs site with a strong UK and Australia focus. New Zealand and Ireland, Canada, South Africa and the Middle East are also well supported.


The most recent job list and separate course list are sent to our email database of around 10,000 subscribers once a week.


All listings are also replicated to The Physio Forum, the webs number one physiotherapy discussion forum

How much does it cost?
twelve (12) month
plus applicable taxes (UK Only)
six (6) month
plus applicable taxes

That means you can upload up to 2920 listings per annum which works out a little over £1 a listing.

icon-info Note:

There are no free trials of our service. All the major UK recruiters use our service and have done so for many years proving the value of our service. We'd suggest the best way to trial with our service is to post a listing and see how you get on.

We do not allow connections via services such as Broadbean, LogicMelon and others. Why would be share our proprietary data with another company.

We believe we offer the best value recruitment marketing/advertising service there is.

Listing Package Overview
List up to
8 listings
per company
in any 24 hr period.
Have up to
10 different email contacts
within your company
using the account.

If you place just one candidate during the year for a medium term placement you will have covered the cost of annual membership.

icon-info General Compliance
  • Job Listings must be a specific position, in a unique location for that position and it is not permitted to use generic advertising for the purposes of recruiting candidates to register with recruitment company.
  • Companies using annual packages should not repeat the same job within a 7 day time period. Doing so identifies the newer entry as a renewal & may mean the original listing is removed. Recently listed duplicate entries give a false representation of the current market and are therefore not encouraged.
  • Generic listings will be removed and will not be refunded.
  • Only ONE (1) Job/Course is permitted per listing.
  • Companies cannot share accounts. Only the application/listing contact emails associated with your account will be able to bypass the standard listing fee. You can assign up to 10 contact emails. 
  • Courses must be for face-to-face teaching or an online classroom.
  • Podcast and/or educational Video Streaming (nor any advertising or any other advertising deemed by us to a form of marketing designed to aggregate or trawl for memberships to a third party site) is NOT permitted. Such postings will be removed. This includes FREE offers that only commence after completing a personal details or email form.

Please read our Terms and Conditions page which is quite extensive if you have any detailed questions about the use of our site and the information contained within it.