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Join Us For A Fun, Interactive 2 Days Of Scoliosis CPD: + Build Confidence To Understand, Assess & Treat Scoliosis + Develop Bespoke Rehab Protocols and Improve Patient Results Did you know that idiopathic scoliosis affects 2-4% of the population? Which means we all have people with scoliosis in our caseloads! But are you spotting it? On this course we cover: The aetiology of scoliosis The different spinal patterns which you'll see and need to identify How to quickly and accurately differentiate between structural and functional scoliosis, without the use of xrays How to read X-rays for Cobb Angle and Risser sign and understand the relevance of those How to discuss progression risk Breathing techniques Curve specific rehab exercises which can be done at home with minimal equipment Upcoming dates: June 1st and 2nd Falmouth, Cornwall. Book here: July 6th and 7th Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Book here: September 21st and 22nd Chelmsford, Essex. Book here: Here are some past attendees thoughts on the course: "Hi, I'm Austin Lawrence, chiropractor. I found Kat's Course very informative. It was full of use the next day information, and it was pitched perfectly, the right level of information that didn't overwhelm you, but enough to use it so that you expanded your knowledge on scoliosis and that you could use it the next day. I highly recommend doing it. It was awesome." "Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a graduate sports therapist. I've just finished Kat's Scoliosis seminar. I had a great weekend of learning loads about Scoliosis, learnt tons that I didn't realize I didn't know before. Loads about the curve pattern, how to rehab people of all different ages. It was super informative and if you are in that kind of profession, so physiotherapy, chiro, osteo or sports rehab therapist. I highly recommend coming down and just giving it a go. It was great fun!" "Hi, I'm Kris Harm. I'm a Chiropractor and I have been on Kat's Scoliosis course, and I found this super informative and I have surprisingly learned a whole lot of about scoliosis and I will recommend everybody to do this course. And no matter how long you've been in practice for." "It's very rare that you go on a course and 100% of the course is relevant, interesting and able to put into practice the next day. Kat's workbook made the content concise and very engaging throughout the weekend - no waffle!" "informative and helpful with useful examination and treatment programs to use immediately. Great content and delivery that definitely filled a knowledge gap" MORE ABOUT YOUR SPEAKER: Kat graduated in 2007 with a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy from Northumbria University in Newcastle and started her career with two years specialising in the rehabilitation of people with scoliosis and hyperkyphosis. From there she moved to a company called Halsa and served as their head physio for 10 years, recruiting and training the physio and sports therapy team to be 20 practitioners strong over 8 sites who worked closely alongside the chiropractors. In this time she also did her dry needling and clinical Pilates qualifications which still form an important part of her practice. Kat opened her own practice, Lake Therapy in Farnham, in February 2019 alongside her husband, Dan. Despite the interruptions of Covid, they have built to a team of 7 physio and graduate sports therapy associates together serving the local community with physio and rehab services. Kat now runs the therapy team in her practice - alongside guest lecturing in scoliosis and business at a local university, making guest appearances at conferences and clinic trainings, and providing 1:1 coaching to other therapists who are looking to grow their diaries.

Course Date: 06.07.2024 - 07.07.2024
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Community based rehabilitation

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