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MAT ONLINE - MAT Assessment, Treatment + Training course  

Movement Assessment Technologies

Join us from the comfort of your own home to learn how to use The MAT – the world's NUMBER ONE Assessment Tool (that you get for FREE with this course RRP: £140).

Since our first MAT course four years ago, we’ve helped over 5000 Physiotherapists improve their assessment using The MAT (Movement Assessment Tool) to get great results in their businesses.

Our MAT ONLINE - Level 1 course features a highly engaging learning experience in which we’ll help you bridge the gap between the traditional assessments you currently use and the functional movements your patients and clients need to help them achieve their goals.

Find out more at: https://www.matassessment.com/matonlinelevel1

Firstly in the MAT ONLINE course, we'll help you learn:

- 15+ NEW MAT assessments for the lower limb, spine and upper limb that will help you improve your assessment skills and you will be able to use the very next day!
- How to use the MAT to SET BASELINE MEASUREMENTS and make highly accurate decisions and TRACK THE PROGRESSION of your patients and clients over time to help ensure that they reach their goals.
- The LATEST EVIDENCE around movement assessment + rehabilitation so you can take your assessment and exercise prescription to the next level.
- How The MAT can help you take the guesswork out of determining when your patients or athletes can have the best chance of RETURNING TO SPORT safely.
- How The MAT can help you determine whether your treatment or training plan is effective for your individual patients and clients.
- How to MEASURE all 3-DIMENSIONS of any movement in a way you have never been able to before and revitalise your practice.
- How the MAT can help you INCREASE BUY IN into your treatment + training plans, improve your outcomes and INCREASE YOUR REBOOKINGS ensuring your patients and clients reach their goals.
- How The MAT can help you stand out from other therapists and trainers and create a POINT OF DIFFERENCE to get more people through your door.

We'll then help you improve outcomes with your clients by using the meaningful, objective data that you can now gather from your new assessment skills using the MAT and show you:

- How you can use our MAT Treatment + Training formula to help you take patients and clients from pain and sub-optimal function to performance using our 10-step approach to exercise prescription.
- How you put the latest PAIN SCIENCE research into action to help you manage those difficult patients and clients more effectively.
- The FIVE most important things that you need to include in your exercise programs to enable people to complete their individual needs, wants and goals and get back doing what they love to do.
- How to avoid boring exercise prescription and get great results. No more generic exercises. No more 3×10 exercise prescription. Create expert rehabilitation plans using the 8 KEY FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENTS to individually tailor your rehab plans to your patients and clients goals.
- How to use the 10 principles of NEUROPLASTICITY to create meaningful changes in your patient’s and client’s training plans to help make these changes more permanent and long-lasting.

Following our high quality, evidence-based education you’ll have:

- MORE CONFIDENCE in the physical assessment of the people you work with.
- MORE STRATEGIES to achieve amazing outcomes with your patients and clients.
- MORE SATISFACTION in your workplace helping people get back to 110% and achieve their goals.
- Greater retention using movement data to track progression over time leading to INCREASED REVENUE and better results.
- A unique NEW SERVICE STREAM to set you apart from your competition and help you promote your business.
- Made a return on your investment WITHIN 30 DAYS of completing the course.

Find out more at https://www.matassessment.com/matonlinelevel1

Course Start Date:

19 June 2019

Company Name:

Movement Assessment Technologies

Contact Name:

Stephen King

Contact Phone:


Contact Website:


Relisted Date:

31-05-2019 sep Unique Course Seeker Views: 269 sep Total Course Views: 718

Listing ID: 3608470

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