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Physio Course in United Kingdom United Kingdom - London - APPI Kensal Rise/ Pure Sport Medicine


Vital Performance Management

We are excited to host Jenny McConnell with 2 knee courses, which can be taken together as 3 days course or as 2 separate courses (one or two days):

1. 'RESCUING THE OLDER KNEE' (1 day course) of Jenny McConnell, which we will on: 13th of June 2019 at APPI, London

This course will examine osteoarthritis, the signs and symptoms of the osteoarthritic knee and the degenerate meniscus, as well as discussing the long-term effects of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. It will look at intervention strategies that you can use and will demonstrate the effectiveness of these strategies from evidence in the literature. It will provide simple strategies for patient self-management to help improve function and quality of life for the older knee, minimise painful recurrences and avoid surgery where possible.

Economic cost of OA, sources of OA pain, incidence of OA, outcomes of total knee arthroplasty, long term effect of ACL rupture and meniscal surgery

Evidence for effectiveness of OA management, treatment principles

Assessment of weight bearing lower limb mechanics, gait. Assessment of lower limb on plinth

Treatment – taping, mobilisation, muscle training

Patient demonstration


2. 'EVIDENCE BASED McCONNELL APPROACH TO CHRONIC KNEE PROBLEMS'(2 days course) , which will be hosted on:
15-16 of June 2019 at Pure Sport Medicine, In Canary Wharf, London.

This workshop will teach you the only patellofemoral program demonstrating evidence based practice after an exhaustive double blind placebo controlled clinical trial. In the workshop you will learn assessment skills and treatment strategies to address patellofemoral pain, patellar tendinosis, fat pad irritation, illiotibial friction syndrome, recurrent subluxation, pes anserinus bursitis, chondromalacia and osteoarthritis of the tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joints.

Starting position – how it determines what symptoms a patient will have and what direction a therapist should take with treatment(lecture)

CMP/PF pain. What is it? Symptoms of patellofemoral pain (lecture)

Mechanics of the patellofemoral joint. (lecture)

Normal and abnormal foot mechanics (lecture)

Demonstration and practical session- assessment of lower limb mechanics especially patellar orientation, the integrity of lateral structures, hip involvement and foot mechanics (practical)

Patient demonstration

DAY 2:
Motor control and muscle training (lecture)

Treatment of knee pain including taping PF pain, dislocation, IT friction syndrome, soft tissue release, stretching hips (lecture and practical)

Patient follow up

Most of us has heard about Australian Physiotherapist Jenny McConnell and her famous McConnell knee taping. Not so many know that Jenny McConnell lectures and publishes widely about chronic problems affecting the combined structure of bone and muscle. A competitor in the 1972 Olympics, Jenny has a rich background in sports that informs her practice. She has a keen understanding of the influence of posture on activity, and has developed innovative taping techniques that can prompt immediate pain relief and enhance treatment effects by holding joints in a neutral position.

To share her pioneering approaches more broadly, Jenny launched the McConnell Institute—a valuable training ground for physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other health care practitioners seeking to improve their management of chronic knee, lower limb, shoulder, and low back problems.

In 2000, the Australian government awarded Jenny an Australian Sports Medal for her service as a practitioner and researcher, in particular, for her development of innovative pain management techniques and treatment. In 2006, Jenny received the prestigious F.E. Johnson Memorial Fellowship.

Course Start Date:

13 June 2019 or/and 15-16 June 2019

Company Name:

Vital Performance Management

Contact Name:

Kasia Zielina

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23-04-2019 sep Unique Course Seeker Views: 232 sep Total Course Views: 594

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