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Clinical Manual Therapy with Osteopathy Techniques - Cervico-cranium Complex  Movement Therapy Seminars 

Physiotherapy Course in Dubai - United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates   Location: Dubai renew Course Date: 9-11 August, 2018

Physiotherapy Course Summary:
Learn ALL about the Cervico-Cranium Complex including but not limited to manual therapy, osteopathy techniques and exercises! The ONLY comprehensive workshop that looks into treatment of l Cervico-Cranium complex including neural, joint, muscular, nerve and visceral structures with various assessment and treatment techniques. This module could be taken independently from the other 4 modules and no prerequisite is required as long as registration came from a medical and health professional.

The only manual therapy techniques certification series that discusses evidence informed manual therapy from holistic views of the articular, myogenic and neurogenic perspective taught by a licensed physiotherapist awarded with doctoral in manual therapy and is also a qualified Osteopath.

The Clinical Manual Therapy program series which consists of 5 modules of 3 days duration per module, covering the Lumbopelvic complex, Cranium-Cervical complex, Thoracic-rib complex, lower quadrant and upper quadrant. Participants are encouraged to complete within a 18 -36 months period. Each module will run at a 3-6 months interval.

Participants can choose to attend each workshop singularly with a certificate of attendance provided but are encouraged to attend all 5 modules to fully appreciate how the body works as a unit. They will also be issued a Certificate in Clinical Manual Therapy (CCMT) upon completion of a case study (800- 1000 words) within 2 months after the 5th workshop.

MODULE 2: CERVICO-CRANIUM COMPLEX (3 DAYS) from 9 -11 August 2018
This workshop examines the relationship of the cervical spine, hyoid, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), shoulder complex, cranium and dura mater.

Participants will be taught:
- Differential diagnosis between the cervical spine, TMJ, shoulder and cranium dysfunctions
- Apply articular assessments and treatment techniques for the cervical spine, TMJ and cranium based on the combination of Maitland, Kaltenborn, Brian Edwards, Mulligan and Osteopathic concepts
- Apply assessments and treatment techniques for the TMJ, shoulder and cervical region
- Differential diagnosis for cervicogenic headache and dizziness
- Apply assessments and treatment techniques for cervicogenic headache and dizziness
- Exercise based therapy for the cervico-cranium and TMJ, based on movement disorder.

MODULE 3: THORACIC SPINE AND RIB COMPLEX (3 DAYS) from 30 November to 2 December 2018
This workshop looks at the thoracic rings, which comprises of the thoracic spine, ribs, sternum and myogenic structures, diaphragm and pleural membrane.

Participants will be taught:
- Differential diagnosis between the thoracic, shoulder and cervical dysfunctions
- Apply articular assessments and treatment techniques for the thoracic spine based on the combination of Maitland, Kaltenborn, Brian Edwards, Mulligan and Osteopathic concepts
- Exercise based therapy using form/force closure and movement functions for the thoracic rings

Accreditations: DHA accreditations applied

Dr. Chong Ching Ng graduated as a physiotherapist in Australia in 1999 and has been working in different settings mostly with clients with neuro-musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions. Having a strong interest in manual therapy has led him to continually study different schools of manual therapy and he is the first manual physiotherapist with osteopathic qualification in Singapore. The application of osteopathic physiotherapy has allowed him to help sufferers with complex conditions, of which neither physiotherapy nor osteopathy alone can treat as effectively.

Company Name:

Movement Therapy Seminars

Contact Name:

Yan or Anna

Contact Phone:

+971528492085 / +971507368244

Contact Email:

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Contact Website:


Physio Course Start Date:

9-11 August, 2018

Physio Course Relisted Date:


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