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MYOPAIN 2017: The 10th International Congress on Myofascial Pain & Fibromyalgia  RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre 

Physiotherapy Course in Bangalore - India India   Location: Bangalore renew Course Date: October 04, 2017

Physiotherapy Course Summary:
MYOPAIN 2017 is the official congress of International Myopain Society (www.myopain.org) and is the first MYOPAIN Congress to be held outside USA and Europe.

Who should attend?
Pain Physicians, Physiatrists, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Occupational Health Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Patients with Chronic Pain, their Care-givers and advocates.

Topics to be discussed:
1. Current models regarding mechanisms of muscle pain.
2. Muscle nociceptors.
3. Sensitization of nociceptors, modulation in muscle spindle activity, sensitization at spinal cord and higher level.
4. Neurophysiology and role of biochemical mediators in muscle pain.
5. Neural and psychobiological mechanisms of muscle pain.
6. Animal models and laboratory studies on muscle pain.
7. Muscle hyperalgesia, referral patterns, muscle tone and strength in relation to muscle pain, muscle fatigue and its role in muscle pain.
8. Relation between exercise and muscle pain.
9. Changes in brain due to chronic muscle pain.
10. Standardized, valid physical and subjective measurement tools that are used in muscle pain.
11. Novel treatment approaches in management of muscle pain.

MYOPAIN 2017 will host
• 5 Pre-conference Workshops
• 5 Post-conference Workshops
• 8 Key note lectures
• 30 Symposia or refresher courses
• 15 Parallel Paid workshops
• 15 Lectures
• Free papers and posters
• Trade exhibition

Lectures and workshops by
• Jacob N Ablin, Israel
• Beatrix Baumgartner, Austria
• Isabelle Bertrand, France
• Mary Biancalana, USA
• Jan Chambers, USA
• Christian Courraud, France
• Jan Dommerholt, USA
• Cyril Dupuis, France
• James Earls, UK
• James Fricton, USA
• Thomas Graven-Nielsen, Denmark
• Rae Marie Gleason, USA
• Robert D. Gerwin, USA
• Thimappa Hegde, India
• Ginevra Liptan, USA
• Wael Mahmoud, Australia
• Andrea Pasini, Italy
• Andrzej Pilat, Spain
• Peter Schwind, Germany
• Carla Stecco, Italy
• Shirley Telles, India
• Kobi Weiss, Israel
• Areerat Suputtitada, Thailand
• Robert W Stanborough, USA
• Pradit Prateepvanich, Thailand
• Jan Pattyn, Belgium
• Kris Demanet, Belgium
• Sabine De Loof, Belgium
• Hannes Müller-Ehrenberg, Germany
and Many More

1. Fascial manipulation for locomotor system
2. Active Fascial Release
3. Danis Bois Method Fasciatherapy, Psychotonic Touch and Pain
4. Fascial Distortion Model
5. Myofascial Induction Therapy approach in Thoracolumbar Fascia related disorders

1. Fascial manipulation for internal dysfunctions
2. Introduction to Dry Needling for Low Back Pain
3. Myopain and chronic joint dysfunction of the lower extremity - practical introduction into fascial technique applied to superficial fascia, deep fascia, septa, retinacula and interosseous membrane
4. Danis Bois Method Fasciatherapy, Fascia and Fibromyalgia
5. Course on Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Syndrome


Level I: September 20-25, 2017
Level II: September 27-October 2, 2017
Level III: October 9-15, 2017

FASCIAL FITNESS October 3, 2017

Log on to www.myopain2017.com for registration and further details.

Download the Congress Brochure on

Company Name:

RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre

Contact Name:

Deepak Sharan

Contact Phone:

+91 7406736141

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Physio Course Start Date:

October 04, 2017

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