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Male Rotaru Radu George
Romania (2014)
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I am mainly looking towards the South parth of Norway or anywhere in Switzerland
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Hello! My name is Radu George Rotaru and I’m a physiotherapist based in Bucharest Romania. I have an experience of over 7 years in physical therapy and musculoskeletal area and a passion for helping people regain and enhance their mobility. I have worked with many people, from professional athletes to seniors and developed special tailored exercises judging from the point of view of the musculoskeletal pathology of every given case. In my therapeutical practice, my goal is to connect with the patients and work toghether with them in order to achieve an enhanced sense of long-lasting wellbeing. Be it injury or just the need for a healthier body, I engage fully into the treatments of my patients and guide them through the experience of bettering themselves phisically and psychologically. At the end of the day, the patient’s life must be improved and every issue must be amended, that’s the way I see physical therapy influencing the life of a person who comes seeking professional help.
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