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Candidate details

Male Graham Hadley
Canada (1994)
Main Country of Interest:
United Kingdom
Location Comments:
London, England - southwest - within a half-hour commute of Richmond.
Year of Graduation:
Country of Education:
Primary Country of Registration:
United Kingdom
My Profile Summary
Please contact me for an up-to-date copy of my resume:
Iā€™m Canadian born and trained (University of Toronto ā€™94), and HCPC registered Dec 2010. I ran a solo physiotherapy practice for 10 years in Hawaii dealing mostly with chronic pain, occupational and motor vehicle accident injuries, and some post-op and neuro. I have extensive training in manual therapy skills including shiatsu and craniosacral therapies. I have reliable transport, and I am looking for a temporary or permanent MSK position, part time, in London ā€“ southwest - within an hour commute of Richmond.
Last Updated: 12-Jan-2022
Unique Views: 2012
Total Candidate Views: 3649
Candidate ID: 4079
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