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Male Jordi Escura
Spain (2001)
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All Regions
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United Arab Emirates
All Regions
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Very motivated physiotherapist, with a Sport Science degree and a MSc in Medical Sciences applied to phisical activity and health. Also studied Crochetage, vertebral manipulation, vertebral mobilization, kinesiotaping, functional trainning, neurodynamics and many more I am 40 years old with 15 years of experience First Division football teams from Spain, Thailand and China (UE Lleida, RCD Espanyol, Buriram United, Suphanburi, Qingdao Huanghai, Cangzhou Lions), nowadays working in a China Super League team, Cangzhou Lions FC Very enthusiatic and willing to work in group with physiotherapists and other health professionals. I'd prefer to work in a sports related job, I'm focused on professional enviorment (both senior or developing teams). My field of expertise is treating and training with injured players to become better ahtletes while they're injured. No matter if it's a strength, speed or sport specific training session. No need to say, it is much better to focus on individualized prevention training to avoid players getting injured. The idea of sharing knowledge and discussing diagnoses and best treatments is what motivates me.
Last Updated: 30-Dec-2021
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