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Physio Course in Australia Australia - New South Wales (Sydney) - Randwick, Sydney

The Locked Back - Francine St George  

Physiotherapy Coaching Academy Australia

A dynamic approach to the treatment and management of a locked back.

Treating an acute, subacute or a chronic locked back can be very challenging. We now understand the pathomechanics of why this occurs. It is imperative that the patient overcomes their fear to move from Day 1.
Research has demonstrated that a passive approach to treatment does not achieve this. This course will provide you with the essential clinical skills to use a dynamic approach to treatment to assess and treat a locked back. All topics and techniques covered are based on the current research on muscle inhibition and the neuroscience of pain.

Topics covered:

-Understanding the pathomechanics of an unstable lumbar segment
MRI findings correlating with clinical findings of segmental multifidus inhibition and atrophy
-Quick tips for screening for red and yellow flags
-Is the locking local or being driven by a prior injury distal to the lower back?
-Three essential neural tests and dynamic exercises to allow your patient to move from day 1.
-How the patient can relax, release or stretch the overprotective phasic muscles including the hip flexors and erector spinae

You will learn:

-Exercises and techniques to get your patient presenting with a locked back, moving functionally from day 1
-How to use neural testing to identify upper and lower limb influences on an unstable segment
-How to refine your clinical assessment to identify if your patient is hyper or hypomobile
-How to modify your exercise programming for a hyper or hypomobile patient
-How to relax upper abdominals by altering breathing patterns
-Exercises to downtrain or stretch compensating phasic muscles to automate recruitment of stability muscles
-Segmental multifidus recruitment
-Using perturbation to relax erector spinae
-Self-help exercises for the patient to do for recurrent locked back
-How to teach your patient to recover more quickly if their back instability returns using the latest research on the neuroscience of pain
-Basic assessment of TA/PF using RTUS to identify if you are using the correct cues to recruit these muscles
-When to tape or brace
-Exercise progressions using basic equipment your patient can use at home

This course if particularly suitable for graduates with 1-8 years experience but practitioners of all levels of experience are welcome.

Course Date & Times (1.5 Day’s):
June 15th & 16th 2019

Course Start Date:

June 15th & 16th 2019

Company Name:

Physiotherapy Coaching Academy Australia

Contact Name:

Sinead Course-Coordinator

Contact Phone:

02 9399 7399

Contact Fax:

02 9399 8399

Contact Website:


Listed Date:

06-05-2019 sep Unique Course Seeker Views: 142 sep Total Course Views: 350

Listing ID: 9230748

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