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Breathing Retraining for Asthma COPD Snoring Apnoea Anxiety | MELB 29-30 Aug  

BreatheAbility | Breathing Training Centre

Learn the science and the art of breathing retraining with Tess Graham, physiotherapist, international speaker, trainer, author.


This 2-day workshop plus mentoring program details the physiology of breathing, the assessment of dysfunctional breathing habits and their relationship to the signs and symptoms of common breathing-related disorders, including asthma, COPD, snoring, sleep apnoea, and anxiety and panic disorders.

Participants will learn techniques to restore physiological normal breathing patterns, improve oxygenation, re-balance the nervous system, blood and brain chemistry, and rapidly and comfortably relieve and prevent symptoms.

Dysfunctional breathing is defined as a behaviour which compromises physiology. It underlies many chronic disorders in children and adults. It is however rarely recognised or treated, as assessment of a person’s baseline (everyday) breathing pattern is not part of standard medical diagnosis. Disordered breathing is often present 24/7 and can be subtle.

Physiotherapists with knowledge and skills in breathing pattern assessment and retraining have enormous potential to assist people with:
• Asthma, Allergies, Nasal Problems, Dyspnoea
• Snoring, Sleep Apnoea, Insomnia
• Anxiety & Panic Disorders & PTSD, Hyperventilation Disorders
• Mouth-breathing, compromised airway & orthodontic issues
• Poor exercise capacity or seeking enhanced sports performance
• AND for the practitioner to improve their own state of wellbeing

Clinical data show > 90% of people experience significant relief of symptoms within 5 days.

Physiotherapists who have done Tess Graham’s trainings, often state that they now can help patients with breathing-related issues that they were unable to help before e.g. snoring and sleep apnoea, and make a faster, easier, and more profound impact in helping those with asthma, COPD and panic disorder.


Introductory level of assessment and correction of dysfunctional breathing.

Theory and practical over 2-days (14 hrs)
Mentoring program over 2 months (2-3 hrs)

Total CPD hours: 16
Cost: Standard $825 ($750 + GST)
With 15% Physiosure discount: $701.25 ($637.50 +GST)

Inclusions: Course Notes & Workbook, and 2 follow-on mentoring sessions (live webinar)

Learning Outcomes
• A procedure to identify & assess dysfunctional breathing habits
• Understand the mechanical, physiological, neurological, psychological and biochemical effects of dysfunctional breathing
• Techniques to restore regular, comfortable, nose-diaphragm breathing with good posture and balanced O2/CO2
• Strategies to facilitate deep relaxation and relieve and prevent the stress response, breathlessness, panic attacks, snoring and insomnia
• Techniques to relieve acute symptoms
• Integrating physiologically normal breathing into physio, rehab, psych therapy, ADL, yoga, Pilates and meditation, for enhanced effects
• Immediate clinical application

With the high and increasing prevalence of breathing-related disorders there is a huge need for health professionals skilled in breathing assessment and breathing retraining.


TEACHER: Physiotherapist Tess Graham has extensive clinical and research experience in breathing assessment and breathing therapy. Tess has worked in this field for 25 yrs with over 6000 people. She teaches physios, psychologists, speech pathologists, OTs, exercise physiologists, and sleep-dental health professionals, enabling them to enhance their effectiveness within their modality or expand their scope of practice through offering effective breathing retraining programs. Tess has a Diploma in the Buteyko Breathing Technique (Moscow). Author: Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnoea (2012);Relief from Anxiety and Panic- by changing how you breathe (2017)

Course Start Date:

29 August 2019

Company Name:

BreatheAbility | Breathing Training Centre

Contact Name:

Tess Graham

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13-08-2019 sep Unique Course Seeker Views: 433 sep Total Course Views: 1070

Physiosure Discount:

The provider of this course is offering 15% discount to current Physiosure members.

Listing ID: 7126243

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