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The Locked Back - Francine St George - New Dates TBC

Physiotherapy Coaching Academy Australia

A dynamic approach for the treatment of both an acute and chronic locked back: How to get your patient moving from Day 1! Treating a locked back can be very challenging. We now understand the pathomechanics of why this occurs. It is imperative that the patient overcomes their fear and learns how to move functionally and freely from Day 1. Research has demonstrated that a passive approach to treatment does not achieve this. This course will provide you with the essential clinical skills to use a dynamic approach to treatment to assess and treat a locked back. All topics and techniques covered are based on the current research on muscle inhibition and the neuroscience of pain. Topics covered: • The pathomechanics of a locked lumbar segment and MRI findings • Techniques to downtrain overactive muscles and activate the deep stabilisers. • RTUS assessment for TA & PF. • Neural testing to identify if the instability is local or has a distal driver. • The 5 essential neural techniques and exercises to enable your client to learn how to unlock their back themselves. • How to alter your exercise programming for hypermobile and hypermobile clients. • Recruitment of stability muscles, adding endurance and functional strengthening progressions. At the completion of this Course you will be confident and know how to refine both your assessment and treatment of any presentation of back pain. This course if particularly suitable for graduates with 1-8 years experience but practitioners of all levels of experience are welcome. Please note the small numbers we take in each Course, allows us to adopt all the hygiene measures that are currently being recommended for all Courses as per the guidelines recommended by the APA. Course Dates: TBC Saturday 1pm-6pm, Sunday 9:30am-5pm PCAA - Randwick, NSW, Australia Study mode: Practical Course Fee: $770 Early Bird Fee: $690 Please note the small numbers we take in each Course, allows us to adopt all the hygiene measures that are currently being recommended for all Courses by the APA. Please visit our website for further details and enrolment forms or phone (+61) 2 9399 7399 to reserve your place.

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Course Date: 02.10.2022 - 01.10.2023
Company Name: Physiotherapy Coaching Academy Australia Contact Name: Mirka Kubeckova Course-Coordinator Contact Phone: 02 9399 7399 Contact Fax: 02 9399 8399 Contact Website:
Relisted Date: 16-05-2022
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