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Exercise Programming-Stability & Strengthening -Francine St George

Physiotherapy Coaching Academy Australia

This practical course is suitable for any practitioner interested in broadening their exercise repertoire. You will not only learn how to apply the most recent research on stability, but will also be introduced to how to integrate Neuro Athletic concepts into all your exercise programming. Combining cognitive exercises with balance training and specific skills and drills, has been shown to not only improve co-ordination and agility, but has also show improvements in memory. Further these skills are fun to do ensuring greater patient compliance and allow the client to easily monitor their progress. Topics include: • The importance of assessing balance for cervical spine and lumbar pain • Using the VOR and COR reflex to improve cervical spine strength • Stability exercises for both the neck extensors and flexors •Techniques to downtrain upper trapezius and SCM •Using neural glides to identify distal influences of pain and using this streamlined assessment to improve patient exercise compliance •Techniques to stretch and release lower limb phasic muscles •An introduction to Neuro Athletics and how this can be used in all your exercise programming You will learn: • Isometric cervical spine stability exercises • Thoracic spine stretches to treat rib pain • Cervical and thoracic spine stability and strengthening • How to progress from basic TA/PF stability exercises to functional exercise programming • Using perturbation to improve stability endurance • Varying stability, flexibility and cognitive skills applicable to different sports • Using basic gym equipment to progress stability exercises • Key muscle tests appropriate for typical postural patterns • Potential risk exercises for varying postural types • Refining an exercise program for hyper and hypomobility • Neural exercises for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine • Strategies and guidelines for setting up a program for your client This Course is for Health Professionals, Exercise Physiologists, Pilates Instructors and Personal Trainers. All levels of experience welcomed. Please contact us if you are unsure if this Course is suitable for you. What attendees say about this workshop: “Fantastic amount of content, useful info and stimulates clinical reasoning” – Louise. Q, Physiotherapist NSW “Very educating!! + also fun/involving (didn’t once feel it was a chore to be there).” – Maddie L, Physiotherapist NSW Course Dates: October 26th – 27th Saturday 1pm-6pm Sunday 9.30am-5pm Course Fee: $850 Early Bird Fee: $770 (Book before Sept 28th) PCAA - Randwick, NSW, Australia Study mode: Practical Please visit our website for further details and enrolment forms or phone (+61) 2 9399 7399 to reserve your place. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Workshop Venue (Sydney, Australia): At the Physio Posture Fitness Clinic Level 4, 66 High Street, Randwick New South Wales, Australia

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Course Date: 26.10.2024 - 27.10.2024
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Community based rehabilitation

  • Prescribe research supported rehabilitation protocols
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