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Useful Job and Course Listing Information

Below is a list of useful information that we have gathered about the way people are using this site. As part of our service we hope to provide you with an insight into the types of people searching for jobs, where they are looking, what jobs are being applied for, where applicants are from and how they are searching. In this way we hope you are always provided the most up-to-date information to assist you in creating the best possible copy for your physio job or course listing.

Consider a few things when posting to our website:

People often search the site first

People read the listing title and first few lines in the search results before looking further

If they do look further then it is up to you to 'SELL' the opportunity to encourage them to make contact.

A bland title with boring copy as to how good you are, what contracts you have etc is not very exciting to an applicant (recruiters take note)

Listings that always look the same become white noise on the page and are often overlooked

The site does block applications from people who do not match your registration and years of experience settings. Setting to high a level of post graduate experience may mean you miss out on hearing from some good applicants.

Conversely opening up applications to everyone with or without registration will mean you will get a lot of unsuitable applications.

General Search Behaviour - Jobs and Courses

We have noted that some people do not use the country filter dropdown to search the listings. These people tend to use the keyword search option in isolation which makes it important to ensure that both the regional location and city name are included in location field of your listing. We are glad to see many more people now using their locations as part of their job title of within the body of their job description.

General Search Behaviour - Candidates List

We have also noted that people also do not always use the country filter when searching the candidates list. This makes it important for the candidate to provide their location preference in their profile summary. It is also important for any member contacting them to refer to this location preference.via a brief summary in your listing to ensure you are found when the keyword search is being used.  

Top Listings that have received online Job Enquiries

The general figures show the trend of high unemployment of UK physiotherapists at this point in time. Junior positions are in huge demand and should you have one please use the word junior in your job title as this is a frequently used search keyword. We are seeing more and more UK trained graduates looking farther a field for jobs including the Arab countries, Australia, Canada and more recently the USA. e.g. person who listed the position for the job in Fiji was overwhelmed by the number of interested applicants.

We have also noted the high number of applications are for listings that also include the country name, and even the city, in the job title. This makes it easier to search and find these jobs on the board. We do acknowledge that the status of the job in welcoming ALL applicants will ALL levels of experience does also factor in which job receives the most applications.

Top Listings that have received online Course Enquiries

We note that many people apply for courses directly via phone or via the website link within the listing. The statistics we have reviewed therefore consider only those applications and enquiries that have been made using the apply online link on this website.

Whilst sports and lumbar spine courses lead the way in online applications it is interesting to note that many more countries are recognised in this list. Perhaps more interesting is that the number one interest is for course prepared in one country that is wanting to take it to India to supply the huge interest from abroad in learning and exchanging information from the rest of the world.

Why not try taking your course or program overseas as there is definitely a large interest both from hosting venues and applicants. We are also seeing that as time goes by courses in EPA and in Neurology might well be just as popular to our audience as manual therapy alone!

Search Terms and Regionalization

The table below shows common keyword search terms used by physiotherapists who are located in the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada who used our PhysioBob's Jobs website.

We have not changed the way they spell or type these terms. This should give advertisers more information about the type of things to include in their job descriptions. Note that different graduates from different countries may use different search terms and that using a keyword is the 3rd most popular way to search this board.

Sample Keyword Analysis - Jobs Only
Australian PTs Searches  UK PTs Searches  USA PTs Searches  Canadian PTs Searches
acupuncture  assistant  assistant  assistant
adelaide  band 5  Assistant Physiotherapy  paediatric
Aide, Assistant  cardiopulmonary  band 5  physiotherapy
brisbane  football  band 6 physiotherapist   
gold coast  grade one  faculty   
hospital  graduate  graduate   
locum  junior  hampshire   
melbourne  junior physio  junior   
middle east  junior physiotherapist  physiotherapist   
neurology  junior/ new graduate  PHYSIOTHERAPY   
perth  junior/newly qualified     
Physiotherapist  london     
physiotherapy  manchester     
private  neuro     
sydney  newly qualified     
  north west     
  out patient work     
  senior 1     
  senior 2     
  staff grade      



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