I am based in the US on an H4 visa based in california.

I am physiotherapist from the UK worked there for 8 years but have done my education from India.

I got my credential evaluated from IERF which took 6 months+ and now they are saying that I am short on general credits about 27 credits and short on professional credits by 0.5.

They have not even considered my masters degree since they mention that the syallbus does not state the hours correctly, as a result I am short on professional credits(it's very frustating since they don't speak on the phone just via email).

To get my proficiency I need to get 42 general credits and 69 professional credits and a total of 120 credits..I dont kow how since 42+69 =111.
Can anybody explain?

On the other hand what is the fastest way to get my credits? Any online school/university that is recognised by the IERF ?

Please help I need guidance...


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