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    Hamstring/Lower Buttock injury
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    Hamstring/Lower Buttock injury

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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on an injury I have. I am a 26 year old female and last week while playing sport my left leg turned inwards and as it did so I felt a twinge at the top/outside area of my hamstring just below my buttocks (see green section in image below). It felt ok to run on it but rotating my leg outwards and especially inwards hurt. Two days later I did some more training and both my left and right legs felt tight and painful at the top of my hamstring and I found it difficult to sprint above 75%.

    I started playing sport regularly when I was 18 at University and during that year I started getting a little niggly injury in the same area at the top of my hamstring normally after training/playing but this was only in my right leg. It wasn't a big problem as wasn't very painful and didn't seem to restrict my running or anything. The symptoms did disappear but would re-emerge every so often over the years. I have never had any major issues with my left hamstring area until last week when I rotated my leg sharply last week.

    When I was about 24 I had 2 instances of getting a lower back spasm when sprinting which seemed to be cause from me sitting crossed legged whilst leaning forward for a long period of time. I received physio treatment for this which cleared up the pain in my lower back but I still occasionally get slight lower back ache at times and now think this might be linked to my hamstring/lower buttock problems.

    I also occasionally get sharp pains in my hips that last for about a minute if over stretching or twisting my hips in awkward positions. This has been going on for years now and think this could also be linked to it.

    When I don't have any injury I do find I don't have much flexibility when rotating my legs inwards or crossing my legs and if I rotate my legs as far as they'll go I get pains in my upper hamstring area and hips.

    I make sure I try and stretch the areas before playing/training but I think maybe I have problems with the flexibility of the muscle and was wondering if anyone could give me any advice at all. Would it be advisable to go and see a physio or someone else about it?

    Sorry for it being so long but wanted to include everything that could be linked or causing the problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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