i have long standing back problem that in the last few years has gotten much worse.

i think it all started from some falls had 20 years ago to around the TFL area.
that area did get bruised purple. but the worst part was for about 1 month afterwards if i shifted my weight while standing to the right leg the hip would drop about 1 inch or so. it was not so painful but quite annoying.

i think the illolumbar iligament was damaged but then did build up scar tissue but never did get back to 100 percent.

about 6 months ago while doing the falling tree excersize i hope you know what it is while at the bottom of the right side i had a very large pain in the right side si joint and then alot of pain just above the crest of the illium. that pain i am guessing is either the illolumbar ligament or the psoas. my functional scolosis has got much worse.

if i sit down for awhile when i get up in the lumbar it is very curved from mucscle tightness like scolosis. but can be somewhat corrected by pushing in from the right side hip with hand.

this is what i have all but confirmed that i have now besides the Wikipedia reference-linkMRI report.
actually i think the disc problems of the MRI were caued by what i will explain.

scolosis one mild C at 9 degrees which i think is caused by main reason below
right side PSIS higher than left in mirror about 3/4 of inch GUESS.
1st rib of right side likes to move out of postion alot and cause pain.
if i do a thoriac extension on a foam roll i can hear it snap.
i think the 1st rib problem maybe caused from the scolosis as the mild C turns into that side.

ql on right side very very tight but thru some great excersizes i found like mckenzie sqeeze i did loosen it up alot.

the right side psoas very tight and very painful and maybe overreactive. unsure.

the short leg of the left of course many tight muscles like perional,

TFL pain of left side aching kind of pain not all the time

almost sure rotated femur left side as knee cap points diagnol.

si joint dynfunction of right side. if over the years have had alot of pain i can fell it right in that si joint. if i do bend down sideways left side fingers touch bottom of kneecap where as right side top of kneecap. so there is alot more range of motion in the left side.

know i did try prolotherphy for the right side illiolumbar ligament and interspinous lgaments l5 up to l3 but did have to miss one at l5 as i also have spina birfida occulta at l5.

also the last chiro thinks i may have facet asymentrical another birth defect.

know the prolotheraphy im jsut unsure if it did help or not the 8 seesions i did have.

as i also have 3 prolpase discs and one has lost height i thought that it would be good to bring in that now loose ligament.

the last chiro found a very nasty TrP on the Psoas thru the abdomin.

this did get rid of alot of the pain and i could even touch the ground.

i was almost straight he claimed. so as i thought the heel lift that a previous chiro gave me to wear which i stop using long ago as it seemed to make the situaiton even worse.

but i tried to tell him that myofascial pain is a secondary cause and will come back.

he did not deny this.

well about 1 hour later sure enough i got very tight again in the right side psoas and or ql. and the functional scolosis came back.

know many people like to recommend static stretches for correcting muscles but with my case with muscles that have severe dynfuntion and TrP in them almost a total waste of time. i guess what i need is TrP therpy. but i have to be able to myself as i cant be going every day when it goes out again. i did try to find the TrP of the Psoas thue abdomin even looking where it supposed to be off a travel and simmons but it is not easy for me to find.

although i have 3 prolapsed discs i dont believe they are my main problem.

and just what about the primary cause of this psoas giving me all these problems just what should be done about it?

the prolo does not seem to helping all ofthe i think damaged ligaments get better.

perhaps they are too damged to be helped by prolo?

are there any specific lumbar or other area strengthen or muscle endurance excersies that could be done?

sorry if the info is a bit all over the place but i wanted to add all that i could.

thank you

below is my MRI of 1 month ago. i almost dont want to put it here as its a very bad habit for doctors or others to get prejudiced by the MRI. its like if they dont see it on the MRI there cant be anything wrong with you.


Normal vertebral body alignment and vertebral body height.
MODIC defects are present at L3/L4 level.
Narrowed L3/L4 disc space with hypointense L3/L4, L4/L5 and L5/S1 lumbar discs.
There is a central annular defect at L3/L4 with diffusely bulging L3/L4 disc compromising the thecal sac and the foramina bilaterally and mildly compressing the nerve roots bilaterally.
Central annular defect at L4/L5 with diffusely bulging L4/L5 disc indents the anterior thecal sac and moderately compromised the spinal canal bilaterally with mild compression of the nerve roots within the foramina.
Central and right paracentral annular tear at L5/S1 with a bulging disc indenting the anterior thecal sac and mildly compromising the foramina.
The single shot HASTE MR myelogram study confirms the spinal stenosis worse at L3/L4.


Prolapse L3/L4. L4/L5 and L5/S1 discs causing spinal stenosis and bilateral foraminal stenosis and nerve root compression at L3/L4 and L4/L5.

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