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    Numbness in upper legs and sharp pain.
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    Numbness in upper legs and sharp pain.

    Physical Agents In Rehabilitation
    I have been diagnosed with a herniated L3 disc which is causing almost constant numbness in my upper legs and severe sharp pain in my upper right thigh.
    Any suggestions on an exercise program that might help?

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    Numbness in upper legs and sharp pain.
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    Re: Numbness in upper legs and sharp pain.


    We would love to help but there is not enough information. If we were to provide general exercises, it would be a hit and miss affair...kind of like saying "i have a flowering plant but it has bugs - what insecticide should i use?" - to many variables.

    So, if you could answer some of the following, we may be able to help you - otherwise, a good physical therapist would do the same job (and should ask the same questions)

    1. Why do you have a herniated L3 disc (how did it happen, how old are you, has it happened before, when did it happen, what treatment have you had etc etc)
    2. What makes it feel aggravated - bending, sitting, standing, moving, lying, any and all activities you can think of would be good here.
    3. What makes it feel better - as many things as you can think of here would be good as well

    From these questions will no doubt come other questions but a more fuller history of what has happened to you will help us to help guide you.



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