Hello. I'm a bit frustrated this morning. It's been almost 6 weeks since my injury, Non-displaced Tibial Plateau Fracture in my right leg. I had a visit to the orthopedic last Monday and he said my x-rays showed the break has healed nicely and that I could begin to walking using my toes with the crutches. He set my leg brace so I can start bending the leg as well up to 60 degrees. Because I still have pain in the inside of the my knee, he sent me for an MRI which I had this past Monday. His office just called me and said the doctor said to go BACK to non-weight bearing on that leg but that bending was still ok. But won't tell me why, said I have to wait till my next appointment in 2 weeks and he'll review the results with me then.

So obviously there is some sort of soft tissue damage of some kind but what would keep me non-weight bearing again but ok to bend my knee? I'm really concerned now because he said at my last visit that when I go in for my next appointment that we would remove the brace and start PT.

Any thoughts of what it could possibly be? I'm thinking if it was a torn meniscus that he wouldn't allow bending either. I don't know, I'm just bummed and feel like I've suffered a huge set back.

Your thoughts and feed back are greatly appreciated.

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