I have had dislocating knees since I was 15 after suffering a trampolining accident (Dislocating the left knee after doing a back somersault) both knees have dislocated upwards of 10 times in the past 3 years. Although I have seen numerous physiotherapists who have given me different exercises to do, which I have completely diligently, there has been very little effect. In the past 6 months, my right knee has only dislocated once which is something of a miracle. I do not compete in high intensity sports, after giving up running, hurdling and trampolining after my injuries I do very little high intensity exercise.

After seeing a surgeon in 2009 I had a bilateral tibia operation on my left knee (I cannot remember the full name of the operation) to try to strengthen the tendons in my knees that were weak from the persistent dislocations, yet the condition has persisted, not as frequently but still more than I would like. None of my dislocations were a result of high intensity exercise, the trampolining injury was after doing an assisted back somersault onto a mat, and the other occassions have been a result of bending the knee. The surgeon who operated said that I had a strange allignment in my legs, which meant my patella was under constant pressure.

I was really hoping there may be a way of strengthening my knee joint so I could participate in sport again.

Thanks very much


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