What's up everybody,

I realised a month ago that I wake up during the night with my one or both arms numb, because I'm sleeping on one of my sides (one shoulder is being pressed to the bed) so perhaps blood doesn't flow into my arms and so they get numb. It's only my assumption, because that numbness goes away and I think it isn't of Wikipedia reference-linkradiculopathy type.
But what happened next is that I did some tricep extensions and I killed my triceps to the fullest, the next 5 or so days triceps were very sore, I stretched them and so on until the soreness went away, but I started to feel numbness in my left pinky (numbness isn't constant, it has rather disappeared). I searched the internet and started to do nerve flossing exercises and now I only get tingling in my pinky when I rub the area slightly above my elbow (that nerve, as I read, goes through that area). What can I do to fully get rid of that ulnar nerve irritation? I do stretching and nerve flossing and I don't do any exercises thinking that the irritation will go away with the time. This problem isn't huge, but as I experienced, it is better to solve little problems while they are little, because when they get big it can be too late.

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