Hi everyone - long story short - fell off some ladders and landed slap bang sideways onto hip. Lot's of concern with the consultants at hospital and taken down to surgery and had a DHS fitted.

Long recovery - aches, pains etc from the surgery and lots of work to rebuild the muscle strength in the area.

This was 6 years ago.

Then 2 years ago after discomfort sleeping etc I had the DHS removed and the recovery work began again.

Throughout this always had aches and the leg never felt totally right - loss of strength and to some extent flexibility but it was ok I could cope with it.

Until recently.

Started whilst out walking the dog - sudden sharp pain in the groin area causing me to stop and intake of breath! Thought it was just a muscle issue and carried on.

Next time out walking - same think but even more painful - it honestly felt like bone on bone - certainly more painful then I could imagine a muscle problem to cause.

This was 3 weeks ago - since then I have had regular sharp pains and it's affecting my quality of life now - struggle at times to climb stairs, lift the leg in and out of the car - real simple things.

When I had the initial operation I was told that the likelihood of further issues was high given the displaced/impacted nature of the break to the neck of femur.

Went for an x-ray today and get the results in about a week.

Does this sound something more than a muscular problem - the leg is aching in every position now and although I turned 40 only yesterday I feel more like 70!

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