The pain in worse today then it has ever been, hence the post, but i've had this problem as long as I can remember, probably developed after one of my many accidents.

Pain is localised between my mid back and shoulder blade on my right side. Looking at a diagram of the back muscles, I would say it was around where the Teres Minor is.

Pain only occurs with the following movements.
- head tipped down
- ear to shoulder left and right (far more restricted movement on left)
- holding my right arm outstretched away from me (slightly on the left)
- pulling my left elbow straight back (no pain right)

I have been doing stretches in the morning with a medicine ball - back on ball, stretch all the way back to the floor with my hands. This is to stretch out my intercostal muscles, which are tight and painful to touch.

I note when I do this, my back clicks several times - lower back. I think this is unrelated, but I will mention it anyway, my lower back at my hips (centre) sometimes twinges and my legs 'give way' for a split second. The above exercise seems to have stopped this.

What could be wrong do you think?

Been to Osteopath (inc Cranial Sacrum), Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Sports Massage - not have been about to identify exactly what the problem is. My shoulders are level now (weren't at the start many years ago) - apart from today - my left is higher then my right and when I try and correct this, it hurts in my mid back and my back is straight. Wikipedia reference-linkMRI showed nothing.

Bit worried as the older I get and the longer I don't solve this, the worse it's surely going to get?


27 year old male

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