Hi There

I have a Radial Head Fracture and was concerned about my progress.

I was in a cast for 3 nights, 4 days and then had it removed and told to increase movement as much as I can, aiming to twisting my palm upwards.

At present with all movement I have an elasticated effect along with a depleted strength by about 70 to 80%.

My concern is am I doing too much? Am I pushing recovery too much?

In terms of Extension, I am about 15 degrees off and in terms of Flexing I am about 20 degrees off yet. Twisting/Rotating, I almost reach max but it has the elasticated pain effect and I do have a pain there after I rotate.

I also feel somewhat faint and sedated. This may be because I have foregone painkillers - mainly out of choice so as no tot over do it and also because of the Wikipedia reference-linkanti-inflammatory effect on bone healing. I am also taking Calcium/Magnesium tablets.

Well... that's about the gyst of it I think. I hope this is enough information so I hope you can give some advice/feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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