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    Uneven pelvis and mild scoliosis need advice

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    I had some X-rays taken a few weeks ago at the chiropractor's office and it came back with uneven pelvis and mild Wikipedia reference-linkscoliosis. I have had lower right back/hip/butt pain, mid and upper back stiffness and soreness for the past year. After I got my X-rays back, I can see why I was having problems. My poor back, heres a link to them:

    I plan on seeing a manual therapist next week to hopefully level my pelvis and help straighten and strengthen my back.

    Is this scoliosis really bad? Can I straighten it back out and prevent further curving? Is the mild scoliosis caused from the uneven pelvis you think? I wonder how long I've had this uneven pelvis for...

    How can a manual therapist level out my pelvis? Is the uneven pelvis causing SI joint pain hence the lower right back pain? The manual therapist I plan on seeing specializes in lower body mechanics and spine. Is this the right person to see?

    Any advice, good or bad is more then welcome.

    Thank you very much

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    Let us hope to you full fast recovery.....

    Yes,there is a relationship between spine,pelvis[ SI], many causes for Wikipedia reference-linkScoliosis are there but mainly it would be muscular or bony and there is subtitles under each....

    Leg length discrepancy plays role in uneven pelvic along with weakness of pelvic stabilizers[ muscles]....

    According to angle and cause of scoliosis we can classify it to mild,moderate or sever..

    Try to consult orthphysician and skillful physiotherapist,And you will be fine,,,,smile.....

    Hope this could help

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    Re: Uneven pelvis and mild scoliosis need advice

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    There are many reasons for a Wikipedia reference-linkscoliosis and most people have a small degree of one so don't worry to much about it. Sounds like you are on the right course of assessment and management.

    Let the therapist work out why it is there. Sometimes these are structural (bone) and mostly they are postural (muscular). Sometimes that resolve in sitting but appear in standing etc. A clear assessment will lead to a potential cause and a starting place.

    It is likely that you have had this for many years though so it won't necessarily resolve over night. Consider you spine a life long journey as it's not unlike a car - if you don't look after it and service it regularly it isn't going to last that long.

    Let us know how you get on at assessment

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