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    Brief Medical History Overview

    Trapped nerve in neck - lower arm pain and no strength in arm

    Physical Agents In Rehabilitation

    This started just over a month ago. Not sure what caused it immediately but I was doing a weights exercise called a golf squat that you do with a dumbell. At the time there was no pain nor immediately after. A day later I had some aggravation in my shoulder blade area but nothing too bad. Next day the lower arm pain started (right arm), a dull but constant ache and I was in agony. Went to the doctor who signed me off for a week and gave me dicofenac - didnt do any good so went back and was prescribed tramadol and told it looked like a trapped nerve.

    I went to a physio drop in at the surgery and the woman there twisted my neck a bit and then I heard a "cracK" but she seemed quite satisfied and whatever she did, did ease it a bit. She told me to come back the following week if all wasnt well - which I did - and Im not waiting for an appointment to see her.

    At the moment there is not much difference in the situation. I still get pain in my shoulder BUT the majority is in my lower arm (different places), hand (comes and goes), elbow (dull ache) and upper arm. Ive been told it could be postural - all I know is its hard to get any comfort. I went to the cinema last week and it took about 30 minutes until I was in a comfy position - I find it hard to keep it still.

    There is also no strength in the arm anymore - the tricep has all but gone. Before I could do press ups and the occasional set of dips - I tried to do a press up 10 minutes ago and there was nothing there - I couldnt even do one. The weaker left arm was doing its best but the normal, stronger, right couldnt get off the ground. This is worrying me a lot - why has the strength gone too ?

    SO. Any ideas or advice on exercises or procedures would be appreciated (and yes it hurt at times while I was typing this message !)



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