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I injured my right knee about a year and 3/4 ago and tore my Wikipedia reference-linkmeniscus (the tear was on the outside of the knee) and had the operation in December 2008 and had been rehabbing, but continually rehabbed (because i injured my left knee). One thing that had bothered me was sitting down crossed legged as sometimes my knee would lock which brought about a painful/uncomfortable feeling and i would then straighten my leg which would make it feel better, I queried this problem and you can check this from going through my profile

My problem now is that my physio said I could go back to training (i do not blame her at all as my knee looked and felt great) after virtually 6 months of rehab. So the day after rehab I did a little bit of training at home on the heavy bag and after i kicked the bag many many times for about an hour (although really low intensity so i wasnt going too hard). Then the last kick i performed was a brazilian kick (which i had done many times in this training session), you can view the mechanics of the kick through the video below:

As I hit the bag I experienced extreme pain at the outside of my right knee and even move let alone walk as even hopping on my other leg would intensify the pain...In the end I had to get carried out by emergency service.

After 2 days of simply resting and walking on crutches, I woke up on saturday morning and it felt as if something in my knee shifted left and after that i could bend it more (as initially i could not straighten/bend beyond about 135 degrees) and straighten it. Now I can straighten my knee fully without much pain and bend to about 90 degrees, plus most of the pain on the side of my knee is greatly reduced although it is still tender to touch. I can also walk with a limp but am still using crutches

Sorry about the length of the message but i needed to the details across. If more detail is needed please ask as I have pretty much no idea what was wrong and need to know as I dont want to begin training banking on my knee being "maybe" ok.

Thanks a lot

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