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    VP Shunt, gastrostomy and exercise
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    VP Shunt, gastrostomy and exercise

    Cerebral Palsy In Infancy
    Hi there!
    Its my first time to treat a child with VP shunt and gastrostomy. Does anyone know any special exercise precautions for a 5y/o child with CP and VP shunt implanted and has undergone gastrostomy a year ago? The girl has really poor head control and only faired 1.6% on GMFM66.
    Any responses will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    VP Shunt, gastrostomy and exercise
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    Re: VP Shunt, gastrostomy and exercise

    dear bob,

    One of the ways to treat your patient is by giving her the environment in which she can move and strengthen herself.
    One of the cheapest and easiest ways is to make 2 "roller boards" for her. Depending on her size 20x30 cm or smaller. use plywood and cushioning them. Make sure the wheels can swivel in all directions.
    These two boards can be used to help her move in various positions and directions
    1. prone (stomach area blaancing in between the boards) she can move forwards, pivot, move in all directions using arm and extensor muscle groups
    2. on hands and knees (assist her to stay in this position with a towel around her trunck if need be- careful where you position the towel)... let her move around
    3. (assisted) sit on chair, board under het feet, let her "drive her car around" or "play football with it"
    4. (assisted sit at a table) use board unders hands or arms and let her move the board around--- if that is easy, put weights on it.....

    Once you start using these boards, let your imagination and knowledge blend to make the most wonderful new "exercise games"
    Kids and therapists all love the boards. I have about 5 different sizes and use them a lot, they are very popular and easy to make.

    good luck for starters



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