This topic leads on closely from a recent one by Hedgeofthehog.
I twised my ankle badly while hillwalking 3 weeks and 4 days ago. The x-ray showed i had a small non displaced fracture of the tip of the fibula/ lateral malleolus - due to the ligaments pulling the tip off the bone - so i was told. I have been in a cast for 3 weeks and 2 days and for the last week - 10 days have been partially weight bearing with 1 crutch.
The plaster is now off- as of this morning, which is great.
However it is now too painful to even partially weight bear. The sole of my foot feels numb- it is difficult to tell when my foot hits the ground. Also there is no pain at the bottom of the malleolus bone but there is slightly higher up the outside of my leg, say 8-10cm above the tip, and when i press it pain shoots down the leg to the tip. There is still a lot of bruising and some swelling.
I guess what i am asking is- is this normal. How long will it last and when should i start being able to weight bear again?
Also what exercises would you recommend. I am wiggling my ankle up and down, in and out and circling it- there is no pain until pressure is applied. No physio was recommended and i am completely discharged now from orthopaedics (i can go back if there are problems). Ortho said to go back to the gym when ready and that in 3 weeks i should be able to do over and above normal activities- doesnt feel that way right now!
I should also say i have a high pain threshold having walked on ankle for 24 hrs post injury and i have not needed any pain killers since it happened. Even now the pain is sharp, short lived and completely settles again.

To hedgeofthehog- how did you get on? Are you in a similar situation? Wishing you all the best.

Sorry i have rambled on far too long.
Thanks in advance for any advice.


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