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    How about rying something onn a ball. This is fun and often well received by head injured patients. If their balance is really poor then just provide plenty of lateral support to the ball and sit behind them.

    As for activities perhaps ask their family what they really enjoy. <img border=0 src="http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/nerd.gif" />

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    Put a small see saw style wooble board on a low plinth and place a mirror infront of pt. Sit behind them on the plinth and control lateral movement. You can further develop ex by placing a ball under the hand and encouraging the pt to roll it sideways along the bed as they move. You can also progress by raising the plinth so the pt's feet are no longer in contact with the floor -ie reduce base of support- quite a tough one! Encourage slow controlled movement and make sure they maintain good upright posture throughout. Then progress to sitting on large physio ball placed on the floor.

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    Sitting Balance exercises

    Hello, The vestibular Ball Exercises are the most suitable for head injury patients.place the patient on the ball and improve his balance by first providing a wide base of support then gradually reducing the base till the patient acquires a good control over it. give more importance to lateral displacement.
    while seated on the ball you can ask the patient to lean forwards and reach an object. A mirror placed in front of the patient will boost his confidence as well as provide a feedback for him.

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    Re: Sitting Balance exercises

    i agree to use of therepeutic ball..it will really help as very correetly stated by others..but i would like to add one point is simuntaneously work on strenghthening patients back muscles(whole spine) and also take care of pelvic tilts...if u need i can send u pictures of swiss ball excercises... my personal e mail add is [email protected].be in touch

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    Quote'strenghening back muscles'

    Hi Parvez...
    What role does strenghening of back in balance!!!!! in my view its the cordination and control that is lost for the patient in first place in head injuries patient amd is not the strengh
    can u please explain..what exactly u mean....

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