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    the groove brother

    ehlers-danlos syndrome - achilles tendonitis

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    been refferred a patient with ehlers danlos syndrome suffering form achilles tendonitis.

    anyone have any experience of this. GP seems to think that the risk of rupture of the achilles tendon is increased.

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    To get things started on this topic here's some background info on this disease from the NewZealand support group. There is also a good review of Achilles tendinitis already on the forum. Click Achilles Tendonitis for more info.
    Ehlers-Danlos Foundation of New Zealand
    Craggy Range Rd
    RD 12
    Havelock North
    Hawkes Bay
    phone (06) 874 7799 or MOB 021 2153 471
    email [email protected]
    website www.edfnz.org.nz

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a group of genetic disorders which are all thought to result from defects in a collagen molecule which normally gives strength and adhesion to the tissues of the body. There are six major types of EDS, each are classified according to the symptoms that are manifested.

    The disorder often involves the skin which may be excessively extendible, fragile and/or bruise easily. The joints may be affected with or without skin problems, they are extremely loose which can lead to repeated dislocations and early degenerative osteoarthritis. The walls of the blood vessels, gut, uterus and the foetal membranes may be excessively fragile, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Healing of accidental and surgical wounds may be poor. Other problems can include prolapse of the heart's mitral valve, hernias, and various orthopaedic and dental problems. The severity with which each patient is affected is variable. Initially it was thought that Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome was rare however it is now believed it may affect 1 in 5,000 people. It can affect men and women of any race or ethnic group.

    Diagnosis of EDS is not always easy. Affected children who bruise easily may be wrongly diagnosed as physically abused and adults may be diagnosed as causing self-inflicted injury. The looseness underlying joint problems may be overlooked. Pain, for example from affected joints, may be wrongly attributed to psychological problems. [email protected] [email protected]

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    Hi, I'm a physio with EDS who has been diagnosed with achilles tendonitis before. I would not be surprised if you found on examination that it wasn't tendonitis, mine wasn't and it is not an uncommon mistake. EDS itself does not make tendons more likely to rupture, what does is that Drs tend to inject a lot of things with steroids as a last resort and it is this that makes the tendon more likely to rupture. Many people with EDS have flat feet and it is most probably this which will be causing the discomfort. Insoles are invaluable, as are biomechanical assesssments done by podiatrists. The knees will also be valgus or hyperextended or both. If you find tight hamstrings do not stretch them out as they are the only things helping to stop the knees from hyperextension.

    Good Luck


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    Re: ehlers-danlos syndrome - achilles tendonitis

    I was wondering if anyone knew of specific activities that should be avoided by people with EDS? A colleague who's daughter-in-law has been diagnosed told me that she had been told not to cycle or play squash any more. Squash I can maybe understand, but surely cycling would be good?

    Is anyone able to advise? Thanks.

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