Dear Indian Physios,

The nucleus of our subject is BIOMECHANICS. But very high number of physios are not learning the first chapter of the recommended textbook of biomechanics (Joint structure and function by Cynthia Norkins). In fact, I am an author of a biomechanics textbook "Biomechanics - The nucleus of Physiotherapy". Having profound knowledge in biomechanics makes the difference between Physios and other medical professionals. I have been eagerly searching for Physios who can show exemplary performance in fitness industry. But unfortunately, Physios are reluctant to join fitness industry thinking that they are irrelevant. Even if they join fitness industry they get easily shamed and disappearing because 10 th or 12 th passed fitness trainers are knowing much better than them. The shame is happening because of lack of knowledge in biomechanics. Opportunities are galore to learn the concepts of fitness thoroughly on the basis of biomechanics and apply them tactfully in the process of Physio rehabilitation of any illness (either orthopedic or cardio or sports or neurology or women's health...). Let us give our tiniest professional contribution and then things will turn positively for us.

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