Hello, have been actively weight training for many years and on rare occasion have had slight rc (Wikipedia reference-linkrotator cuff) impingment on my right shoulder, but I have always incorprated rc excercises into my workout to help my shoulder. I'm in my early 40's and all of the sudden I have been having shoulder pain (1-5 on pain scale) but it has not been going away. Im always looking for shoulder devices that aid in rehab and have successfully used a shoulder horn to do some excercise rehab on my rc in the past. What I would like to ask the physio community is what is there opinion on 2 devices Ive seen on the internet. The rotator The Rotater - the #1 Shoulder Rehab, Prehab and Stretching Tool and the "rotator reliever" Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pain Relief & Treatment :: RotatoReliever Ive watch & read reviews on both devices and think "the rotator" can actually cause further problems to an indiviual with rc issues by strecthing the rc and placing it in an internally rotated position (not good). but here is the "BUT" when I read on the rotator reliver the theory makes bio mechanical sense. Im thinking of buying the rotator reliver but would like to hear from the community, is this all crap or can it possibly help. I also think would help others on the forumn that suffer from the same issue to know if there are certain devices that "MAY" aid in rehab. Thank you for your help

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