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    Can a 9 year old boy suffer a groin strain ?

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    My 9 year old son 'appears' to have strained his groin at football training last night. He pulled up during shooting practice and could not continue. His coach said he visibly pulled up and it did look like something went.

    This is something I've suffered from a few times (as an adult), and each time it resulted in a rather large bruising in my inner thigh and only physio & rest were able to cure it, but it took a number of weeks. There is no bruising on his inner thigh this morning, but he said it is still sore.

    Previously, I would have thought it highly unlikely to happen to young kids. As he is so young, it is hard to establish if he actually is seriously sore, or if it is just a minor thing. What I'm really asking is if it is possible that a 9 year old can damage his groin ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Can a 9 year old boy suffer a groin strain ?

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    Everybody can be injured, including your son. I suggest you visit an MD if symptoms persist. Unless you are an MD or physio, try not to make guesses on what might have happened. It could be more than a strain.


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