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    Question Discomfort radiating up arm from finger (no injury)

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    This is an odd one that has been plaguing me since yesterday evening. My ring finger on my left hand (next to the pinkie) began aching, going up somewhat into my palm (I was resting in a rocking chair at the time). Not like arthritis...moving it made no difference. No ring is on that finger. No injury, no likelihood of carpal tunnel nor tendonitis. I woke up during the night and it was still aching with a slight pulsation, and the aching had radiated into my wrist, then later into my forearm somewhat. No position seems to make a difference. I am a 59 year old female in near perfect condition for my age (disease/illness-wise). No prescriptions, etc. Any ideas??

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    Re: Discomfort radiating up arm from finger (no injury)

    Sounds like referred pain from your neck to me.

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    Re: Discomfort radiating up arm from finger (no injury)

    hey tnlady,
    well as you mentioned u have pain bt whether it is pins and needles?if not see whats your occupation?I feel this pain is because of u may have handled any utensil during ur house hold activity or cooking and by unknowing u may have press or over handled that utensil so just remove the ring and rest ur finger an check ur radial pulse early morning once u wake up expecting it shouldn't be feable. and inform me howz ur status


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