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    Pain a little above elbow, on inside of arm - Tricep/tendon???

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    Hey guys, I'll try to give you as much info as I can about this injury, since it's really bothering me.

    I have a slight pain when extending my arm from flexion. The location of the pain is on the inside of the upper arm (not forearm), maybe 1 inch above the medial epicondyle. It's not a sharp pain, its rather dull but well localized. If I increase the load on my arm (ie extend it against some more resistance), the pain doesn't seem to increase, although I didnt do it against much resistance.

    I think I got this injury either from badminton, bench press or tricep exercises, although its hard to tell. Badminton definitely made something near my elbow hurt quite a bit, and I've since stopped playing, as the pain would sometimes last several days. During that time it was hard to really pinpoint the pain, but I think its this same location.

    I really can't figure out what it is. Could it be coming from the elbow joint itself? Anyway if any of you have some ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them! Thanks!

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    Re: Pain a little above elbow, on inside of arm - Tricep/tendon???

    I'll also add that the pain is intermittent. I can extend my arm (with no weight or resistance) and feel slight pain... or it could feel perfectly fine. Usually slight pain though.


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    Re: Pain a little above elbow, on inside of arm - Tricep/tendon???

    And more info!

    My triceps seemed to be ok strong before this, I'll mention. I used to do pulldowns and skullcrushers with up to 65 pounds each, but now doing tricep pushups (with hands close together), even off a wall, produces a little pain.


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