My 13 year old son was hit by a car crossing the street on his bike almost 3 months ago. Thank GOD his only major injury was that he suffered a compound fracture of the tibia (both bones) and required 2 surgeries in which they placed a metal plate and screws and had to secure a fragment with screws as well. It could have been much worse, a call of which I could not even imagine. Thank you God for watching over my son.

He was supposed to be able to start trying to walk after 2 months, however he is now going into his third month of non weight bearing status. Hopefully his next x-ray July 2nd will reveal he can try to walk again. Not sure if Medicaid is going to go through to provide physical therapy, therefore, I have been researching how to provide home therapy for him by our selves, (with proper instructions/direction of course). He has substantial muscle loss in the broken leg. It is much thinner than the other.

He acts as though he is now crippled and will be unable to walk properly ever again. We keep trying to boost his spirits and reassure him that once the muscle is strengthened he will lead a normal life again. (Which I am sure is true)

I am looking for any advice as to home therapy methods or similar stories that can reassure him that there is life after such a severe broken leg.

Sincerely a very Concerned mother

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