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  1. Belgian couple, both physiotherapy students, looking to work in Canada
  2. Working in US-fingerprints
  3. UK Student Physio looking to work in NY
  4. Canadian PT looking to move to London/UK
  5. Working in Ghana
  6. Singapore Private Practice Questions
  7. Work Experiences and Lifestyle with Physiotherapy Work in Dubai
  8. Advice re working in Switzerland/Belgium
  9. Which country is easy to works as a PT abroad??
  10. Looking for a place to learn and work
  11. Requirements to get CGFNS Visa Screen
  12. Newly qualified physio in Belgium
  13. health care worker certificate
  14. Wanted- Physio/Sports Thrapist overseas opportunity
  15. Advice needed - UK trained physio living in The Netherlands
  16. Considering my options re working abroad for 12 months
  17. Australian physiotherapist getting registration in USA (Hawaii)
  18. Work as a foreign physiotherapist in Ireland
  19. Looking for fellow english speaking physiotherapists in France
  20. registration procedure for applying to work in China/Hong Kong
  21. Hamburg, Germany - Anyone from the forum work here?
  22. HAAD licence
  23. Advice on working / volunteering in Serbia
  24. Working in Switzerland
  25. Overseas graduate job in UK
  26. work uk
  27. Required Physios & OTs in Middle East & Asia
  28. physiotherapy practice in Italy
  29. Sponsorship considered for UK trained Physio in Sydney, Australia
  30. Planning on pursing my degree in uk.
  31. Singapore Registration and advice for UK graduate
  32. Physiotherapy in New Zealand looking to arrange a visit to look around at different services this Oct + advice
  33. Italian physio working in uk, USA, Canada, Australia,
  34. Looking for a volunteering pediatric PT for India
  35. Canadian PT in USA
  36. JOB in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  37. Looking for Physio to partner with in Nairobi, Kenya
  38. Physio in Switzerland
  39. Working in France
  40. Searching advice about Canada
  41. overseas
  42. regarding NPTE.
  43. want to work in turkey
  44. UK Physiotherapy student looking to emigrate to Australia in July: help needed with Registration Process!
  45. Physiotherapist job in singapore
  46. Scope of Practice in FRANCE
  47. Searching for an internship in UK - Leonardo Da Vinci Programme
  48. french physio wants to work in NZ
  49. Physiotherapy Assistant?!
  50. could you help my plan at London?
  51. UK paediatric Physio in Australia
  52. US physio looking to work in Denmark
  53. British Physio wanting to work in Canada
  54. Becoming a Physio Assistant in Australia while waiting for AHPRA Reg
  55. Info for working in Germany or Holland
  56. New Zealand Registration - Trans Tasman Agreement
  57. Working as a PT at Ottawa
  58. Free Accomodation in Ireland for physiotherapist
  59. Getting Job in Canada
  60. Job opportunities for two experienced Physiotherapists looking for work in New Zealand and Australia
  61. Experienced internship program in China
  62. Working in Canada
  63. Looking for overseas, qualified therapists
  64. USA Recruitment Agencies
  65. working in Montreal, Quebec
  66. Can newly qualified UK physiotherapist (BSc undergraduate degree) work in the USA?
  68. Need Help : Credentail Evaluation and General Credit Help/Completion
  69. NPTE Study partners from Los Angeles
  70. Dutch Physio looking for a job abroad...
  71. Working in Australia
  72. working as a PTA in Canada
  73. Working in Zambia, Mozambique or Zimbabwe
  74. Portuguese and Spanish physio in USA
  75. uk agencies recruiting for oversees work
  76. general registration in Australia
  77. Help finding work in Norway
  78. Need Indain Rehabilitation specailist (Female) for my child
  79. Best way of getting Australian registration
  80. Volunteer Work in Nepal
  81. want to work in chicago
  83. Working in the US - PPR Healthcare Staffing - Has Anyone Used??
  84. HPC international aplication form - UK
  85. Working in Norway
  86. physiotherapy in Thailand
  87. US trained/licensed physiotherapist- how to work as PT in Singapore?
  88. UK trained Physio looking to work in South Africa
  89. looking to work a ski season - any advise?
  90. Questions on first steps on How to Apply for Immigration to Canada and how to be licensed as Physiotherapist
  91. ISCP recognition
  92. Newly qualified physio looking to work in dubai
  93. Portuguese physiotherapists wants to work in U.S
  94. Is WA now under AHPRA or is there still a separate WA physio board?
  95. Poznan Poland BSC in PT
  96. Working in UK with bachelors??
  97. Newbie with a question
  98. To Work in Amsterdam
  99. physiotherapy undergraduate student questions please help
  100. Australia / New Zealand jobs
  101. What are the exams needed to be taken?
  102. Work in Germany?
  103. Sabbatical in Ethiopia? Short term Masters course tutors needed
  104. `Working as Physiotherapist in UK
  105. NQPT 2011 looking to work abroad in Hong Kong or Singapore
  106. how to prove autonomus practice to canada
  107. Looking for Pysoitherapist Female for my child ( in OMAN)
  108. Recognision of sports therapy outside UK
  109. sponsership for australia
  110. Where would you go?
  111. Haad exam
  112. MOD Jobs
  113. PT eligible for MI
  114. Working whilst travelling - possible?
  115. preacaution!!!
  116. degree
  117. Interviews in Manila......
  118. Physiotherapist in Germany
  119. Sports Therapy in US/Canada/Europe??
  120. JOBS on CRUISE
  121. Volunteer work in a South Indian Hospice
  122. Student Summer Placement in Singapore
  123. getting working holiday visa for u.k
  124. Physio in Singapore
  125. Help desperately needed with australian visa!!
  126. Working in Qatar
  127. Australian Degree, French Equivalent?
  128. working at UK
  129. NZ vs OZ
  130. physio in taiwan
  131. physiotherapist job Dubai
  132. Work in the Middle East!
  133. Physio in Amsterdam
  134. Some advice for ISCP-recognition
  135. Procedure for working in New York
  136. working somewhere abroad...
  137. Wanting to work in Singapore
  138. courses and vaccinations
  139. UK trained Physio relocation to New York
  140. Anyone who finished BPT in canada
  141. Recent Registration Changes- Are you aware?
  142. Anyone working in Singapore
  143. Looking for a job in Netherland
  144. Any U.S. trained PT's with NZ or Oz registration?
  145. Setting up / working in France
  146. working in usa
  147. unique assistive devices
  148. USA CITIZEN - Wanting to go overseas for physiotherapy
  149. Physiotherapist in Denmark
  150. Has anyone passed the qualifying exam for physios in Singapore held in Nanyang Poly?
  151. Working in South America???
  152. Has anyone worked in Portugal?
  153. Newly qualified looking for oversea job
  154. Physiotherapy in the Netherlands
  155. Want to work in Australia or New Zealand?
  156. Looking for Job in Germany?
  157. questions about salary and status of physio profession FROM South korean
  158. Registration to work in Qatar
  159. PT Exchange Canada to Australia
  160. Licensure in the UK
  161. Australia versus Canada
  162. What countries are crying out for Physiotherapists?
  163. need guidance
  164. General credit score for evauation
  165. Working in Switzerland
  166. Salaries in Oz
  167. Physio system in Singapore?
  168. Jobs in NSW Australia
  169. Physiotherapy careers in Singapore
  170. WORKING IN USA, Canada or UK
  171. Working overseas
  172. Job Interviews for US-in January
  173. work as physiotherapist in japan
  174. Working in Barcelona
  175. Irish physio/private practise
  176. work in hong kong
  177. australian physio wanting to work in Fiji
  178. australia registration for newly qualified physios
  179. Acknowledgement of German job title in NZ
  180. PT job in U.S
  181. Specialisation in Masters
  182. Are jobs better in UK or Canada?
  183. looking to work in geneva,switzerland
  184. Question regarding work in the U.K
  185. Physiotherapy in the Czech Republic
  186. What about Physical Therapy in BULGARIA..
  187. Working as Physiotherapist in Slovenia
  188. work visa for ireland
  189. Physio volunteer for Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia)
  190. Need advice on my new job
  191. mexico
  192. Looking for Physio work in Belgium
  193. UK Job situation
  194. Working in Italy or France?
  195. Physiotherapist vacancies in Singapore
  196. Looking for physiotherapy jobs in the UK
  197. Job Vacancy in St Lucia
  198. licensing exam in Dubai- DOHMS/MOH
  199. Working in Ireland
  200. Has anyone worked in France?
  201. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Dubai?
  202. UK physio looking to work in Hong Kong
  203. Invoicing Company
  204. Getting Registered in South Africa
  205. Middle East -Insurance etc
  206. Oz jobs and recruiters
  207. Final year UK Physiotherapy Student willing to work anywhere.
  208. Working on OZ- registration
  209. Working in France?
  210. pay rates in Germany
  211. physios in kuwait
  212. Physio working in bangalore india,.home visits for easy treatment
  213. irish registration
  214. Work in UK
  215. Anyone working in the Netherlands?
  216. Looking for a job in Ireland
  217. Working in Ireland
  218. Sports Rehabilitator wants to work o/seas
  219. Working in the UAE
  220. working in new zealand
  221. Working in Abu Dhabi
  222. Working in Indonesia
  223. Volunteering this summer
  224. PT positions available in the USA with visa sponsorship
  225. Membership Pakistan Physiotherapy Society
  226. Physiotherapist Needed In Tokyo, Japan
  227. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy position in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
  228. Working in South Africa
  229. working in singapore?
  230. working in dubai/Oman?
  231. Travel Physio
  232. USA trained Physio looking for job in Singapore, dubai, and Uk
  233. 2nd Yr Physio Student needing advice on Working in the USA!
  234. Job Opportunities in Europe
  235. Volunteering in India
  236. Middle East Physiotherapy Environment
  237. Working in Bermuda
  238. Irish Registration
  239. PT in Panama
  240. USA Recruitment Agency
  241. How to get a job in US as a PT
  242. Any available physio post in Dubai?
  243. Working in Jamica?
  244. Working in New Zealand
  245. workihg in dubai
  246. working in UK?
  247. Physio courses in Dubai
  248. American interested in the Netherlands
  249. Working at a PT in Shanghai, China
  250. Information on working in Shanghai, China

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